I’m BACK! (kind of)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post! Most of the blog posts that I’ve been putting up are just galleries anyway so nothing’s new?


I got this really cool retro-ish shoot done with Amanda. It was cold, our hair was flying (and clothes), and we tried to do a cool shoot with a pink smoke bomb but that didn’t work out so I won’t include those haha. This was definitely a fun shoot despite how cold it was. These shots were definitely worth it! 

There really intricate and abstract light on Amanda while we were shooting and it added such a cool touch to these photos! The cold wind also gave us some movement as well.

Check the gallery below for photos from the shoot!

Field Shoot with Jillian

Okay so, when am I NOT photographing with Jillian? (There’s going to be another one coming up in like a week)

I had an idea to do a studio shoot with Jillian but unfortunately, I forgot to buy an important piece of equipment. I did some quick thinking and managed to come up with a natural and dreamy field shoot with Jillian as a replacement shoot since I still had the urge to photograph yesterday.

Despite the wind and cold weather bringing us runny noses and waterfall tears, the results of this shoot are amazing and I’m so excited for you all to see these photos!

Calvin and Phylicia Byrd - Wedding

Being able to capture weddings is an unbelievable and amazing experience. Photographing the union of two people in marriage is really beautiful and I am so glad that I was able to capture those moments for Calvin and Phylicia Byrd (the love ‘byrds’).

Below are a few photos from the couple session after the wedding. 

Congrats to Calvin and Phylicia! 

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